Top Reasons To Choose Electric Cars Besides Rising Petrol And Diesel Prices

01 Oct 2021

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Electric cars today are becoming more popular than ever. At some point in time, you may have considered buying an electric car for its many salient features. Today, vehicle owners consider electric cars a viable daily mode of transportation, which also offers several benefits other than the obvious advantage of saving money on skyrocketing fuel prices. With the consistent reduction of fossil fuels and the swift depletion of natural resources, many consumers tend to gravitate towards environment-friendly vehicles like electric cars. In this article, we explain what electric cars are and the top reasons to opt for them.

What are electric cars?

Electric cars are four-wheel vehicles that run on electricity generated using renewable sources. These cars have electric motors and a low running cost since they have fewer moving parts for maintenance and do not use fossil fuels. These attributes make electric cars incredibly environmentally friendly. Electric vehicles make use of large traction battery packs that help supply power to their electric motors. Car owners can plug the battery packs into a wall outlet or similar equipment to charge or power up the vehicle for daily commute. Based on the size of the electric car, you can drive up to 100 kilometres with a fully charged electric car.

Electric Car Benefits

Some of the best electric car benefits include the following:

Saves You Money

Electric vehicles are much more economical and ergonomic than gasoline-powered vehicles. They run on electricity generated from renewable sources of energy at economical rates as compared to petrol and diesel, the prices of which keep increasing every few months. Electric cars also have a lower total cost of ownership and are much more efficient to use in the long run.

Reduced Carbon Emissions

One of the most crucial of the many electric car benefits is that it reduces carbon emissions significantly. Electric cars generate less global warming pollution than regular vehicles. Moreover, those electric vehicles entirely powered by renewable energy typically do not produce any emissions whatsoever.

Great Driving Experience

Electric cars offer smooth, responsive acceleration and deceleration, which makes driving them a pleasurable experience. Since the cars come with an in-built, low centre of gravity, it helps drivers be responsive handling and driving comfort.

Low Maintenance

Since electric cars have very few moving parts, there is a smaller chance of issues related to vehicular breakdown. Batteries come with an extended warranty period, and you do not have to spend a lot of money while getting the vehicle serviced.


In a move to promote a greener planet, governments worldwide are offering special incentives to electric car owners. These include subsidies on the actual cost of the vehicle to waivers on registration fees, and exemptions on road tax payment. The government is also setting up car charging stations in states with a high number of electric car users, enabling them to recharge car batteries for a nominal fee.

Reduces Sound Pollution

Electric vehicle engines hardly produce any noise, which directly reduces the decibels of sound. In a country where using the honk and removing silencers is seen as a right to passage, the low sound of electric vehicles is a much-needed change that helps reduce sound pollution.

Let’s Go Electric

With preparations in full swing to build the ideal ecosystem for the best electric cars, consumers are slowly but surely getting ready to accept this change. Initial limitations of electric vehicles like high costs, performance issues, limited range, long charge time, and a lack of charging stations have all faded away with time. Now might be the best time to join the electric vehicle revolution. Also ensure, you familiarise yourself with the car insurance requirements and policy types for electric vehicles as they may differ from fuel-based vehicles.

Disclaimer: For more details on risk factors, terms & conditions please read sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale. *The discount amount will vary subject to vehicle specification and place of registration

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