Amazon Account – Setup Amazon Account-How to set up your Amazon account

Amazon Account – Setup Amazon Account-How to set up your Amazon account –If you have been wondering how you can setup your account on Amazon, then you have landed in official platform to help you set up your Amazon account in simple steps. If you haven’t gotten an authentic guidelines to easily navigate and set up your account on Amazon, then you should carefully follow up with this guidelines in a bit. So what’s are we talking about? In this article you will be able to get Amazon account setup in a bit.

Do you know that’s Amazon is currently one of the biggest online shopping center for affordable digital, gifting you with a wide variety of cloths, books, electronic and many more services such as Amazon Music, Audible, Fire TV, Alexa, and Kindle and so much more.

We will be sharing you an amazing guidelines to easily create and setup your account on Amazon in a few minutes of your time in the portal.

Looking for that’s? Kindly makes your self confidence that’s you definitely setup your account using the beneath procedures here in this page. So let’s proceed and share you an amazing guidelines for you to navigate and set up your account on Amazon in a bit.

Feeling as if you can’t? Many people has used this same place to be able to sign up and setup there Amazon account within a few minutes of proceeding to do so in a single tab from there devices.

Amazon Account Set Up – How to Set Up Account on Amazon

In this page, we will be sharing you an amazing guidelines to easily navigate and sign up on Amazon using our tutorial below here. So are proud of doing it right away? If you are then, we assured you can achieve it using the below mentioned guidelines.

  • To get started, visit the Amazon website or open your Amazon app. Do you know Amazon has alot of functions which are Amazon Shopping, Amazon Music, Amazon Photos, Prime videos, Audible, Amazon Alexa and lots and so much more of it.
  • Now click on the tab which says “Create an Amazon account” .
  • However if you are using the Amazon app! All you need to do is to tab on the “Create Account” then click on the beneath yellow button”. Then sign in by ” Clicking on the Create an account on the top section of the page.
  • Meanwhile are you using Audible? Just click on the “continue” within the top page . Then “click on the create an Amazon account”, within the beneath page.
  • Then enter your name, in full within the spaces provided, your email address or mobile number. Also make sure to use a validate email address to be able to use the site accordingly.
  • Then enter your password with a strong and secure easily to remember from you, use capital letters, characters, numbers and many more you can do.
  • Then tab on the “Create an ” Amazon to continue and verify by Clicking the large size of the button beneath the page.
  • Now verify your account by visiting the email your used during registration to be able to verify your account in a bit.
  • Now re-visit the Amazon application, then tab onto the device, then open the Amazon app you are using to create your account
  • Finally enter your one time password and tab on the “verified” to verify your account and login to your to account.

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