B Naira Net Worth And Biography 2021

B Naira Biography And Net Worth

B Naira, who has a net worth of million dollars, is a Nigerian socialite and a business mogul, On this post, we will take time to discuss B Naira Biography and all you need to know about him.

B Naira Biography: Born Adewale Olalekan Adebayo, a native of Ekiti State, Nigeria. B Naira was born on October 20th, 1988, to Azeez Adewale and Victoria Adewale. He’s a Nigerian musician and a known singer who got to the limelight after dropping his hit single titled “Jasi”. B NAIRA earns from music sales, bitcoin trade, and music production.

He has released several songs that made it to mainstream fame level and got aired aside from his hit song, Jasi, which he released in 2016.
Although the main source of his wealth is not known, and from the pictures he posts on Instagram, it can be deduced that he’s into the business of properties management.
He’s also into the business of housing – sales of exquisitely built and designed apartments.

B Naira Net Worth And Biography

A fact remains still that he earns from more than one source, and he is known to be a famous Nigerian big boy – who joins Ismaila Mompha, Hushpuppi, and South African based Nigerian big boy Dharmie Richie.
His lifestyle perhaps is one reason he has so many followers on the 1-minute clip social media – Instagram.

B NAIRA is a fresh dude, no doubt, is seriously loved and has lots of costly items, including costly cars and a very modern house, music recording facilities of the first-class category, super showy wears and costly accessories.

BNaira has a mansion in Nigeria, specifically in Lagos, and has other landed properties.
He flaunts his wealth in several houses and lodges in some of the best South African and Nigerian hotels. Among his fleet of very costly vehicles are a Ferrari and a G-Wagon.

He joins the clique of other Nigerian big boys like Investor BJ and HushPuppi, who live the most lavish lifestyles and share expensive photos on their Instagram page.
B Naira was born Adewale Adebayo, and he is a native of Ekiti State, Nigeria. He studied Geography and graduated with a degree from the University of Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria.
BNaira is a musician and has met and collaborated musically with some of the best and most famous Nigerian musicians who would’ve best be described as “Legendary”.

B Naira Net Worth And Biography

He’s into Bitcoin trade, and he runs a website for the business known as Sellfastpayfast. BNaira has several business partners, including some of the top social media influencers in Nigeria.
With over a million followers, BNaira has been able to make himself very famous through the sharing of lavish photos from shopping and travelling
As a young guy, he’s definitely a big fish for many young ladies in Nigeria. Take it or not to be the truth, BNaira has thousands of beautiful ladies deep in his follower figures on Instagram who would say yes to him whatever he says.

Like would be expected, he has a girlfriend who is now his baby mama. She is known as Tshego Manche. Manche is a South African stylist and a beautiful lady. They welcomed their first child, a boy, in September 2018.
B Naira is a top bitcoin trader in Nigeria. His site, known as Sellfastpayfast.com, is patronized by some of the biggest bitcoin traders in the country. This calibre of people include celebrities, top internet marketers, and foreigners.

B Naira Net Worth

B Naira is currently one of Nigeria’s richest and most influential personality, with an estimated net worth of million dollars.
B Naira net worth increase over the years because he earned so much from the increase that bitcoin experience in 2021, and his net worth is estimated to be about million dollars.

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