Broda Shaggi Biography – Net Worth And Age

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Broda Shaggi Biography –Nigerian performer, comedian, voice- maker, singer and scriptwriter Samuel Animashaun, aka Sammy Perry popularly well known as Broda Shaggi, a native of Ogun State Nigeria, began his career as a comedian and set up his Instagram account in 2017. After that, he began to upload his comedy videos on it.

Broda Shaggi Biography – Net Worth, Age

  • Name: Broda shaggi Real Name is Samuel Animashaun
  • Birth: Sammy Perry was born on July 6th, 1993 in Lagos State
  • Education: He obtained a Bachelor in Creative Arts from the University of Lagos.
  • Early Life And Career: Shaggi dad is dead but his mum did not remarry. he was not He was born into a wealthy family, and he has three siblings, and I am the fourth. Broda Shaggi’s love for acting and comedy emerged in his childhood days. Broda Shaggi had always had a love for acting in drama. He also realized that he had the flare to be a comic. He said he was inspired by his late father because he knew a lot about drama, and he also taught drama at Mayflower Junior School, Ikenne, Ogun State. Since then, he has performed several roles and has played characters such as Inspector Perry, a police officer; Professor Dele, and Akonni Ibadan. This was before he went under the stage name Broda Shaggi, but despite having a soft spot for comedy, he didn’t have the chance to take it.
  • very seriously. It was at UNILAG where shaggi took his comedy talent Serious and as occupation


broda shaggi biography

  • The Name Broda Shaggi: In an interview with Samuel Animashaun, he said The Name Broda Shaggi came up when I went to my mechanic’s workshop and overheard some of the mechanics playing around the character of Brodashaggi and it really made me laugh, I could also build Brodashaggi because I had done something similar in a stage play before. I’ve wanted to start something with Instagram because there’s nobody doing it, and I want to be special. The name of Shaggidon came first, then I did Shaggi, and finally Brodashaggi.
  • Broda Shaggi Popularity: As we already said in the beginning of the article that Broda shaggi created an Instagram account and started uploading his comedy skit, So in 2018 BrodaShaggi joined the rank of stars whose popularity had been amplified by social media after his skit about “Jesus appeared in Mushin” went viral. In the video, he was asked by Aunty Shaggi what he would do if Jesus appeared in that vicinity. Even though the comedy was criticized by many Actors/actresses that it is not good to mock the name of Jesus Christ, According to him,  I am an actor and there is no way I could have expressed that character if I shied away from some things. That is the typical way Brodashaggi would talk because he is a character from the streets.
  • Shaggi Social Life: He said “I Neither drink nor smoke. People don’t believe when I say this. I don’t really go to club but at times, my manager tries to take me out.”

Broda Shaggi Net worth

His Networth not revealed but he is believed to worth millions from his earnings in his comedy skits and as an artist. but if we were to guess or scale it, Broda Shaggi Estimated Networth should be  50million Above…

Songs by Broda Shaggi

  1. Oya Hit Me
  2. Pariwom
  3. Kiri Koko
  4. Ori
  5. serere
  6. shi
  7. Nor Nor
  8. Wake Up

Aunty Shaggi Biography

  • Who is Aunty Shaggi: Sophia Uriren well known as Aunty Shaggi is Broda Shaggi’s interviewer, many people think Broda Shaggi’s dating her According to Broda Shaggi, “This is a personal issue, but there’s nothing really going on between us. We’re good friends, but I find her stunning, we met at a movie venue, and I shared my ideas with her, and since then we’ve been doing amazing things together


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