Complete Guide How To Set Up Meeting On Google Meet

Updated on September 27th, 2021 at 07:20 am


Set Up Meeting On Meet


  • For G Suite users: Sign in to a G Suite account.
  • For non-G Suite users (using Google Meet with a personal account): make sure you have a Google Account.

Steps To Set Up Meeting On Google Meet

Google Meet meetings can be scheduled using Google Calendar. Visit the

select a date and for when you to schedule a meeting.

Now, click on ‘Create’ and add a title for your meeting.

Add guests by clicking on ‘Add guests.’ Alternatively, click on ‘Add Google Meet video conferencing.

Now, add the email address of the users you to invite.

Once the email IDs of all guests are added, click on ‘Save.’

Then press ‘Send’ to notify them about the meeting’s invitation.

Click on the saved invite and ‘Join with Google Meet’ to attend the meeting.

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