DAYS OF OUR LIVES Spoilers: Who wants Charlie to be killed?

Charlie made a lot of enemies in Salem, but one of them may be about to make him pay the ultimate price for his terrible crime in these DAYS OF OUR LIVES spoilers! Are we on the brink of the mystery of a whodunnite murder?

As soon as it was revealed that Charlie was the real father of Allie’s baby, everyone was horrified to learn that he was the one who had forced himself on her that night in London. “He’s a filthy piece of garbage!” Sami declares angrily. And she’s not the only Mama Bear ready to protect her daughter. Claire had been falling in love with Charlie before the truth was exposed and now Belle is eager to pay back the man who hurt her little girl. “That monster doesn’t deserve to live,” she spits.


Even Charlie’s own mother can’t find it in herself to defend his actions. “I brought Charlie into this world,” Ava muses. ‘Maybe I need to take him out.” And when John encounters Charlie in the park, he gets physical with the young man, grabbing his jacket collar and bringing him in close. “You’re a dead man,” he hisses. when Charlie opens his apartment door and immediately throws up his hands to beg: “Don’t shoot!” there are plenty of people he could be talking to!

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