Aroh Festival of Ikeji People of Arondizuogu – Ikeji Festival Arochukwu

By: Benedict Leo / November 29, 2021 / 74 Views

Aroh Festival of Ikeji People of Arondizuogu – Ikeji Festival Arochukwu -The great thing about Nigeria and African at large is that’s there is one thing that’s makes them special among others. This ranges from there traditions, cultural and heritage. Particularly the old eastern part of the country, has practiced much culture than any other tribes in the whole of African nation, especially the sub-saharan parts of the West African Nation. Meanwhile the people of Igbo, basically southeast region have been acknowledged to have a great history in there land.

The Ikeji festival of Arondizuogu is regarded as the acient history of Arochukwu clan. The clan Arochukwu tribes is in Abia State which is based in the Eastern parts of the country of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Abia state has many local government, this are particularly the Aba-North, Aba-South, Arochukwu, Bende, Ikwuano, Isala-Ngwa North, Isiala-Ngwa South, Isikwanto and many more. The Arochukwu is stated to be where this Arondizuogu clan comes from. This particular tribes is said to be celebrating one kind of festival that’s they tend to practice every year.

The Ikeji festivals is said to be practiced every eight days during the celebration in Arochukwu of Arondizuogu. The festival is said to be passed to offspring and to generation to generation. The fstival is held annual, where everyone who is not around the clan is said to be returned to gather for the Aroh ancestors festival celebration, palm front, wine, masquerades, drums, children, elders and adults and so on.

Meanwhile during the celebration, a huge masquerades is said to come and shine the celebration with a dancing moves. The first of the celebration festival is said to be Eke, Orie,Afor, Nkwo market days. Meanwhile on Eke market days everyone comes in the markets to buy foods stuff and stock there barns for the celebration ongoing festivals. This includes the palm wine, yam, kola nut, goat and so much more of it.

However on this day a higher number of masquerades is to be available and higher number of turn out is said to be within the festival ground celebration and the masquerades is said to be displaying some styles.

For this kind of festival gesture, the area is now transformed to a commercial tourist hub to the nation of Aroh people and Nigeria at large.

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