Best Whatsapp TV’s in Nigeria-Full Entertainment Base.

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Best Whatsapp TV's in Nigeria-Full Entertainment Base.

If you use Whatsapp, it is obvious you should have a Whatsapp TV contact on your phone.
Best Whatsapp TV’s in Nigeria-Full Entertainment Base.

 Nevertheless, if you are searching for some Whatsapp TV with the highest views in Nigeria, this article will provide just that for you.

Whatsapp TV (Whatsapp Television) has become the most promising media for entertainment, gist, school updates, and lots more.

 Almost everyone with an android phone now has at least one Whatsapp TV on his/her phone.

Recently, some Whatsapp TV owners have been making a decent income from Whatsapp TV. Even though Creating a Whatsapp TV in Nigeria is not that hard. Still, most people neglect the benefits of having a WhatsappTV.

I chatted with one of the Whatsapp TV owners whom I have saved his contact. I was amazed when he told me he makes around 10k to 15k daily on his Whatsapp status.

All these Whatsapp TV owners create a Whatsapp TV, have a lot of contacts saved, and start collecting and placing adverts for their clients, and in return, get paid for placing those adverts on their status.

However, If you have a business and looking for the best Whatsapp Tv with the highest views to place your adverts and reach out to more clients when you should consider our selected Whatsapp TVs


Even If you don’t have a business you want to advertise, these Whatsapp TVs also offer a lot of FunFun and entertainment.

I no longer visit top websites to get the latest information on happenings in Nigeria. I see these WhatsApp Tvs and get credible and information content that I am seeking for.

We have listed these Whatsapp TVs together with their respective phone numbers; save up the numbers in your phone and chat them up, informing them you want to join the TV.

  • FunYard TV 

This whatsApp TV is one of the biggest and largest Whatsapp TV with the highest Views in Nigeria, and that makes it number 1 on our list.

You can easily advertise or promote your business on Funyard TV to reach about a 15K audience daily and at affordable rates.

Everybody loves having a Whatsapp TV contact on his/her phone in other to feel entertained and kill boredom.

On FunYard TV, you will never get bored as the platform offers lots of entertainment, funny memes and gist, movies, and job opportunities. 

The TV is also the best plug for all kinds of challenges in Nigeria, e.g., #Silhouttechallange, #CharlieClarlieChallange, and many more…

I would recommend this TV among others because it’s my favorite TV. I do reach out when I am bored and need to lift my mood.


Jolly TV is one of the biggest and fast rising WhatsApp TV owned and managed by a lady. On Jolly TV you’ll get updated on trending fists and stories, viral news, Anonymous talks, relationship advice sessions, cooking/baking video skills, informative post and videos on different topics and they also post the funniest memes that would always crack out your ribs. Alot is involved with this hilarious TV.

Jolly TV is not just a WhatsApp TV with over 8k viewers which is very good for business owners to advertise and gain massive customers from, it’s also an entertainment media outlet that keep you active and enlighten your day.
I really recommend my viewers to join Jolly TV family and enjoy premium entertainments.
Jolly TV is also on Instagram as : @thejollytv with over 10k followers ideal for business owners. Be sure to follow them to enjoy more rib cracking jokes and Entertainments.

THEJOLLYTV WhatsApp number is 07041161668


FunYard Whatsapp TV Number is 07035856064

  • Light TV

Light Up TV is the best place for everything entertainment and fun. The TV also provides legit opportunities for members to make money online.

LightUp TV is undoubtedly one of the best and most prominent WhatsApp TV with the highest daily views, making it a target for advertisers and entrepreneurs who wish to advertise their brand to reach a larger audience.

Is Conclusion, the TV also offers massive giveaways every weekend and freaky confession night that will light up your mood.

LightUp TV WhatsApp Number is 09057934517

  • LXG TV

League of Extra Ordinary Gurus (LXG) TV is a WhatsApp TV owned and managed by a friend of mine whose name is Victor Udochukwu, a graduate of the University of Lagos, where he obtained both his first and masters degree.

LXG TV is a renowned brand and one of the Most Entertaining WhatsApp TVs in Nigeria with the highest views. The brand specializes in Photography services such as photoshoot, video coverage for weddings, and other entertainment.

To Spice it up, Victor Udochukwu, a drone bender, is a talented young man who works hard to break the news and updates in Nigeria. 

LXG Whatsapp TV was the best Whatsapp TV offering credible information in Nigeria and globally during the pandemic and even today.

Through LXG TV, you are suitable to get First-hand information about happenings in Nigeria and across the globe.

LXG TV is also a popular media outlet that organizes LXG Beach Camp every year and has successfully done that for a consecutive period of 5 years now. LXG Beach Camp has seen partner with Top Celebrities in Nigeria like

  • KennyBlack
  • Owen Gee
  • Tina Mba
  • Rykardo Agbor
  • Khrisyarn
  • Thin Tall Tony (of BB9ja)
  • Jleo Uche
  • Fred Idehen (Airtel Ambassador) 

LXG has Also work in Sponsorship with other Media Outlet such as

  • Aimtoget 
  • Iroko TV
  • STV 
  • Wap TV

LXG also covers big Celebrity’s movies and comedy shows like BB9ja etc.

Furthermore, with over 10k views daily, LXG Whatsapp TV should be an option when looking for the right Whatsapp TV to place your Advert that will reach out to clients who will readily patronize you.

It no doubt LXG TV is one of the most prominent and valuable WhatsApp TV In Nigeria.

LXG Whatsapp TV Number is 08060279624

  • Babafaros TV

Babafaros TV is my favorite Whatsapp Tv for entertainment, gist, and ASUU strike as well as school Updates. 

The Whatsapp TV is owned and managed by a popular and well-renowned student of the University of Ibadan (UI).

With Babafaros Whatsapp TV on your phone, you can get first-hand information about what is happening in the country, saving you time and money.

Babafaros TV is one of the best Whatsapp TV I have known, with over 12k views daily, making it ideal for running adverts to get customers for your business.

Babafaros Whatsapp TV Number is 08064189480

  • Ancestor TV

Whenever I am feeling bored, Ancestor Whatsapp TV is the first TV that comes to my mind.

 Whatsapp TV is owned and managed by a hardworking Guy who has his audience’s interest by heart.

Ancestor Whatsapp TV is a media outlet for entertainment, gist, and fun. The TV also offers confession nights which makes it very entertaining.

Nevertheless, the TV also has many views, about 11k daily, to place your adverts at an affordable price.

Ancestor TV WhatsApp Number is 09054945467

  • Infinity TV

To all those who watch football, Infinity Whatsapp TV is made right just for you.

 Anytime I miss an important football match, instead of going to Youtube to watch videos that will take much of my MB, I do it the other way by checking Infinity Status.

Infinity Whatsapp TV is the best Whatsapp TV that offers daily football updates such as news and matches facts and highlights covering the premier league, Laliga, Serie A, Bundesliga Champions League.

You can also place adverts on Whatsapp TV.

Infinity TV WhatsApp Number is 08154310460
  • Place TV

The Place WhatsApp TV offers lots of trending stories, funny memes, and gist. Place TV is one of the best WhatsApp TV with the highest views in Nigeria you should consider when looking for the right TV to place your Adverts.

Place TV Whatsapp Number is 08123483149

  • Temmy TV

It is a WhatsApp TV that offers one of the best entertainment so. The TV provides funny memes and football updates that will kill the boredom whenever you are bored.

Temmy TV Whatsapp Number is 08140593545

  • Fresh Update TV

Fresh Update Whatsapp TV is an entertainment WhatsApp TV owned by a hardworking young dude.

 The TV is the best place for music and entertainment, celebrity lifestyles, and lots of FunFun. Fresh Update TV has about 10k views daily, which makes it ideal for placing adverts.

Fresh Update TV Whatsapp Number is 07054248179

  • Gist Fans TV

Gist Fans is not just a Whatsapp TV but also a blog that focuses on Arts and Entertainment.

 The TV also offers funny memes, jokes, and lots of fun, besides, they do airtime giveaways at least once a month. Adverts can be placed at affordable rates.

Gist Fans TV Whatsapp Number is 08095459350

  • Boom TV

The TV is yet another interesting Whatsapp TV that offers lots of entertainment and gifts. Advert can be placed at an affordable rate.

Boom TV Whatsapp Number is 07044466748


  • Naija TV

Naija TV is an entertainment Whatsapp TV that offers gifts, funny memes, and everything entertainment. 

The TV is among the best Whatsapp TVs that accept adverts at cheaper rates.

Naija TV WhatsaApp Number is 08110234453


More TVs Will be Uploaded Subsequently.

Conclusion: WhatsApp TV With The Highest Views in Nigeria

These are our selected WhatsApp TV with the highest views in Nigeria. Should in case we find any other WhatsApp TV worthy of recognition, we will update it here. 

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