Update! INSMEApp Has Crashed.

By: Jonas Legacy / November 29, 2021 / 24 Views

Update! INSMEApp Has Crashed.

Finally, the day has come as a popular paying site known as INSMEApp has finally crashed and their official website can no longer be accessed dated today, 26th January 2021.

I am sure the above headline and statement are very clear, and I don’t need to tell you still further that popular paying site INSME has finally turned about to be a scam, and people have lost a lot of money on the website.

I am not surprised by the platform crashing and turning out to be a scam because I knew from the onset the platform will hit sooner or later and that this day will surely come.

Before now, INSMEApp claimed they partnered with Instagram and were credible enough. The platform further claimed to have paid members through the revenue generated from their partnership with Instagram.

All members could register with a package and take part in the earning activities by sharing and promoting celebrity content on Instagram.

  •  It is shocking to believe that the INSMEApp has turned out to be a scam and their contact lines are not reachable, and neither is the CEO anywhere to be found.

While I was busy with my routine of the day, some persons chatted me up to complain about their inability to access the website and suggest that the platform may have crashed.

It is very hard to admit, and I feel so bad for Nigerians who have lost their hard-earned money in this so-called Ponzi scheme business model.

Another platform has gone down, and it’s obvious people have lost a lot of money in this INSME. But life goes on, pick up the pieces and move on.

My Opinion On The Crashing/Shutting Down Of INSMEApp

 Those who lost their hard-earned money to INSMEApp could have invested in a physical business and pulled their energy there. By the end of 3 to 4 months, the company could have started yielding good results.

People are going through difficult moments in Nigeria. Because of that, many Nigerians tend to invest in some of these income sites to see if they can earn something online. 

Still, it is so unfortunate that these websites’ admin does always come with good intentions, and in the end, people get scammed when these websites shut down.

To summarize it all, here are some strong points you should takedown.

  • Never invest in a business where the admin or founder is not known
  • Runaway from any business model that promises to pay its members more than they can afford
  • Do not invest in any business that promises millions with free registration
  • Never invest in any company that is too good to be true
  • Do not invest in a company that has no product to offer (Pyramid schemes)
  • Nothing last forever, so always have that at the back of your mind

Other Platforms That Are No Longer Paying/Crashed In 2021

  • Giftalworld
  • NewsPayForum
  • NaijaLoan

Platforms That Are Currently Paying in 2021


  1. Rackterli
  2. Flowextra
  3. Prime Vault
  4. EarnMoreNg
  5. Trolex

What Is The Way Forward?

Racksterli investment seems to be in good spirits, and people are still cashing out till today, and so far, there has been no red flag about the platform.

However, the Wemove team does not recommend you to join Racksterli or any of these platforms; joining them remains at your own risk, and we will not be held accountable for any damages or loss.

Conclusion: Popular INSMEApp Has Finally Crashed

I hope this article has shined your eyes and made you understand that INSMEApp has finally crashed.

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