Is it bad to insure your car in different state?

By: Benedict Leo / January 6, 2022 / 42 Views

Is it bad to insure your car in another state?

It is bad to insure your car in another state than the one in which it’s registered because it’s fraudulent. However, most insurance companies make an exception for active-duty military. If you’re road-tripping or on vacation, your existing coverage is sufficient, but it’s a bad idea to insure your car in another state if you have a second residence. In that case, you’ll need to re-register your vehicle and insurance in the state where you’re currently living and driving.

Can My Car Be Registered In One State And Insured In Another? (2021)

Vehicle registration and car insurance can be difficult to navigate, and you may ask yourself: Can my car be registered in one state and insured in another? No, your car cannot be registered in one state and insured in another. In general, your car should be both registered and insured in your country of legal residence. If you have recently moved, you will have some time to change your car insurance policy (but do so as soon as possible). This article describes some of the common car registration and insurance scenarios in various states, and explains how to change your insurance when the time comes. If you need to make a change, read our roster of the best auto insurers and compare offers using the tool below.

Timeframe To Register Your Vehicle In A New State (2021)

Your car should not be registered in one state and insured in another. Insuring your car in a state where you don’t reside is fraud. Insurance fraud carries heavy penalties, the least of which is that your claims will be denied.

Your driver’s license, registration, and car insurance need to match. In many states, you can’t even register your car until you’ve provided proof of insurance.

Even states that allow you to register a car without proof of insurance require you to provide proof of insurance within a certain timeframe.

If you move to a different state, you’re required to register your vehicle with that state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The timeframe in which you must do so varies by state.

If you are visiting a state temporarily, you do not need to register your vehicle. All states allow you to drive an out-of-state car for a certain number of consecutive days (usually around a month).

Here’s how long each state allows drivers to register vehicles after moving.

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