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Google Adsense New Police review 2021- Updated

, are you still searching for Requirements For Google Adsense Approval?
Here is the Google AdSense 2021 Approval Requirements Review

 I can claim that you stumbled on my blog today because you want to learn that strategy and needed Adsense requirements.

It’s no longer news that blogger loves to have Adsense approved on his blog as soon as it is ready and launched.

I don’t need to ask you, but I am very sure you must have read dozens of half-baked articles online that will end up misleading you on requirements for the Google Adsense application.

This Issue of Google Adsense has become a debated topic across the blogosphere, everybody claims to know better, and people keep saying a lot of shitty things that will even get intending people who wish to apply for Adsense scared.

But the truth of the matter is, Google Adsense Approval is not that Had as most people think; it’s just a matter of having the right information about the real stuff, that’s all.

Back to Our Adsense now, Today I will teach you the steps to get Adsense approval quickly without having to worry again.

Why Google Adsense is So Popular

Google AdSense is one of the oldest networks to offer ad publishing and works at the Pay Per Click.

When it comes to the legitimacy of Google AdSense, it speaks for itself. Google AdSense has thousands and thousands of satisfied customers and publishers. AdSense pays on time, every time.

One more reason for choosing Google AdSense is that we can earn huge amounts of money if we do our work correctly.

 Many bloggers are making a complete living from their blogs and Google AdSense.

Therefore, Google AdSense should be the number one choice among all the other available networks.

Its paying rates are better than all of the other networks, so that’s the biggest reason it is so popular among bloggers.

But since everybody is running behind them, they have made the approval system very strict. You make little mistakes and get disapproved every time. 

Here are a few reasons why Google will reject your AdSense application.

I will make this straight so that I don’t bore you with stories because I know how your blood will be hot as you have found a legit site that will put you through on getting Adsense approval for your site.

If you want to get your Adsense approved as soon as possible, then below are the requirements you must meet up

  • Have Great Contents

Content Is King, and that’s why Google gives a lot of value and attention to the blog’s content before accepting it.

If the content is poorly written and has grammatical mistakes, Google will reject the blog right away.

Not only the content needs to be grammatically correct, but it must also be unique and has to provide value to the users and readers of the blog. 

So the number one reason is the poorly written content on your blog.

Ensure to have fresh articles on your blog. I will say it again, publish only new articles on your site.

If you do copy and paste from other sites, then you are not going to get approval.

How many Blog Posts Should One Have Before Applying For Adsense?

I have read a lot of Bloggers saying they have 50 blog posts above before applying for Adsense.

Well, that’s a fallacy and a big lie because I have seen very established blogs with 300+ posts and their owner telling me that Google Adsense is rejecting them.

However, some other bloggers with few posts or even less than ten are enjoying making money with Adsense.

I usually advise my Guys to have 10-15 Blog posts with lengthy articles (each article should contain 1000 words per post). It is the first step for Adsense approval success. You must not have hundreds of blog posts before applying for Adsense; you need 10-15 fresh articles with 1000 words per post.

Nevertheless, Be careful with what type of content you are publishing because it truly matters.

Here are some common content types that AdSense does not accept.

  • Pornography/Adult materials
  • Pirated Content
  • Hacking or Cracking Tutorials
  • Illegal Drugs/Paraphernalia
  • Any Other Illegal Stuff

AdSense supports few languages, so make sure your blog language is on the list of these.

Have A Good Design On Your SiteWordPress has thousands to millions of themes you can use for your site, and all you have to do is search for any one of your choices that suits your niche.

However, using a customized theme ensures the theme is dope enough to put you ahead for getting Google Adsense approval fast.

As mentioned earlier, your blog design matters a lot. It should be professional and not like a messy photo gallery. Google appreciates a clean, professional, and fast-loading design.

When you visit a website, what’s the first thing you look for? It’s blog design.

You’ve to build a good first impression on your blog readers to engage them.

Your blog design is the biggest thing after content. It represents your expertise, experience, and professionalism. It should have the following features:

  • Simple and professional
  • Easy to navigate
  • Proper menus
  • No useless items in sidebar or footer
  • Search engine friendly
  • Fast loading

So be careful because anything can kill your chances of getting approved by AdSense.

There are thousands of websites that provide free professional-looking themes for your blog. All you need to do is to search for them

  • Have Relevant Pages

It would help if you got approved; this page makes your site look professional and signals Google that the owner knows what he is doing.

Below are the pages to consider

  • Create a Privacy Policy Page 

One of the common mistakes that most new bloggers. Even though there are people out there who say that having a privacy policy for a blog doesn’t make sense, they are wrong!

The first thing you will need to apply for Google AdSense and get approval is your blog or website’s privacy policy. If you don’t have it, you cannot get approval simple is that.

Why is it important?

It’s a requirement of Adsense, and secondly, this privacy policy means you are not a scam and gives the sense of a serious business. Google will check the rest of the conditions only if you have this policy.

Privacy describes to your readers what they will get on your blog, what they should do, and what they should not.

So obviously, there is nothing bad about having a privacy policy. While it can affect somehow on your AdSense approval, you must give it a try.

WordPress already has a feature that allows you to quickly create a privacy policy page with just one click away.

The other option is to use Privacy Policy Generators online (You don’t need a lawyer anyway). Search for privacy police examples, and you will find many.

  • Create About Us Page

Like privacy policy, you must have an about page so that you can get approved. It also shows that there is a real person behind the blog.

An About page has a major role and importance even if you don’t want to apply for AdSense. But when it comes to AdSense, they are about zero chances of getting approved if you are not showing this page.

About page describes you and your blog. It will not only help you establish a relationship with readers, but it will also make them trust you

  • Setup A Contact Us Page

It’s quite obvious that everyone has his/her own opinion.

What one of your readers likes may be bothering someone else. 

Then it is better to allow them to speak up to you and tell you how they feel about your blog, what they want to be edited, what they liked or hated.

Create a contact page; if possible, add your email that you will apply for Google AdSense. If possible, do get some professional email addresses like Ammar @ allbloggingtips[.]com and your social profile links.

By creating this, you tell Google that we care for our customers, visitors and are ready to help them. 

They can contact you anytime.

It will also show the Google AdSense Team viewing your site that you care about your readers and not only the money and AdSense.

  • Disclaimer

disclaimer is a notice placed on your website to limit your liability for your site’s users’ outcome.

If a website user can prove that this incorrect information has harmed them somehow, you could potentially be found liable in court.

You can search online for a free disclaimer generator

  • Make Sure You Are 18+

It is the mistake that new bloggers are making who are less than 18. They write incorrect age and get into trouble.

Use your correct date of birth and age while applying for a Google AdSense account.

Because Google AdSense is not for people who are under 18. Some people realize this problem after being disproved a few times without any legitimate reason.

So I advise you to be accurate while typing your age.

Questions/Misconceptions About Adsense

Below are major misconceptions people have about Adsense

  • Does Traffic Matter?

This one seems to be the most debated topic on Google Adsense requirements. I have read and also heard people saying you need the traffic to get Adsense approval. That’s bullshit.

The biggest misconception people have about google Adsense; how on earth will you expect me to get huge traffic on a new blog that doesn’t even have enough backlinks yet.

To clean up the mess, I boldly say you don’t need the traffic to get Adsense approval either do you need Backlinks to get Adsense approval.

This blog you are reading on has less than 50 page views daily when I got my Adsense approved.

Unless you have traffic from illegal sources; otherwise have little organic traffic is okay for your Adsense.

  • Does Domain Age Matter?

I asked my friend to find out when he intends to apply for Adsense on his blog, and guess what he told me “His blog is still new.”

That” s a Bad misconception because your domain age does not matter before applying for Adsense.

I have also come to half-baked articles where people claim that your site should be up to one year before applying AdSense.

Just imagine waiting for a whole year Before applying for Adsense. That’s a total waste of time.

For people like us that don’t like waiting, we get our Adsense approved in just a couple of months.

There is this quote by Martin Heidegger (A German Philosopher) which says

As Soon as Man Is Born, He Is Old Enough To Die

To summarize it all, the one-month-old blog is old enough to get Adsense approved.

Google Adsense is not a Daunting task that should make you lose your appetite for food.

Once you follow the right procedures and strategize it, all you will see is a green result.

Conclusion: Requirements For Google Adsense

Having gone through this article on Google AdSense approval requirements, I want to believe you have learned how to get Apply for Google Adsense.


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