How To Get Referrals On Any Online Income Program

Are you searching for Fastest Ways To Get Referrals On Any Online Income Program.
This article will provide an informative guide, and I assure you if you action and apply this tip, you will get massive referrals on any online platform and earn more money.

If you are looking for how to get referrals in Nigeria to earn on top income programs like Newspayforum, Zinoly, Flowextra, Trolex, etc., keep reading this article. I have the solution.

I have noticed this referral of a thing has made many Nigerians quit any online platform that has to do with getting referrals and most people end up falling victims to Ponzi Schemes that promise Silver and Gold. Still, it all ends up being a Scam.

Each time I hear people complaining“I don’t know where to get referrals,” I wonder. Like I always say, Referrals are not Robots; they are your friend; the people you meet and hang-out with every day are your referrals,

How To Get Referrals On Facebook And WhatsApp

If you want to know how to attract referrals either on Facebook or WhatsApp, follow the steps below.

Tip 1

I want to create a WhatsApp Group while creating WhatsApp groups; make sure you give it a name relating to your business.

 If you are creating a group for Racksterli, then the group name may be Racksterli Income, Racksterli Daily Pay, Racksterli Global Business.

We already know that almost everybody now has a Facebook account, so all you need to do is join as many Facebook groups as possible then start advertising your business there.

Be Warned!!

Don’t ever make the mistake of posting too many Facebook links; else, Facebook will consider your posts as spam and block your account.

Tip 2

You can also Advertise on WhatsApp by creating short adverts and include your link there. You can search on google about latest WhatsApp group links and join,

I won’t encourage spamming in other WhatsApp groups, but if you are smart enough to do that, then Good-luck. 

You should try as much as possible to make your write-up as short as possible. Having a long write-up doesn’t guarantee you success. It just looks weird.

Tip 3

You Can also do paid Adverts on top sites like Nairaland, but that will cost you money; if you are buoyant enough and think you know what you are doing them, you are good to go.


Accept new Facebook friend Requests. Nigerians are crazy sometimes, no matter the advert you post in groups, even if your WhatsApp group link is there,

some people will still prefer chatting with you one on one; they will send you request, accept them and make mutual friends with them who knows they might be the ones that will easily get convinced about the business

If you don’t like the idea of posting in Facebook groups, you can advertise on your timeline if you have a large number of Facebook friends. That will be cool too

It’s not so important to have a WhatsApp group to advertise with your WhatsApp phone number, but I still believe having a WhatsApp group is .

You can as well Advertise on WhatsApp TV and drive traffic to your WhatsApp group. They charge depending on the number of views they usually get on their TV channel.

Learn From My Experience

I have to be on so many affiliate platforms, such as Get paid for reading news sites. While I was still fresh in my NNU days, each time I come across somebody online that I was finding it hard to convince to join this platform,

I will stop and keep away, then come back in a week with something like, “Hello, bro; we were discussing NNU business.” 

This time around, I will send them more payment evidence and information on the business’s latest development. After doing that, the person finds it easier to concentrate and hear what I have to say, and finally, the person will agree to join the platform. 

 that’s how I got up to 100 Referrals in just a few months

My Recommendation

Below is the current best Online earning platform you could ever join and make money online in 1; check it out and discover things for yourself.

I highly recommend you join Racksterli. Don’t forget referral is optional

Avoid This

Like I earlier said, sharing links anyhow is not going to solve the problem. I have noticed a lot of guys who share links on social media and expects people to register for what they do not know about,

it would help if you also tried to be consistent with what you are doing,

In life, we all need people to be successful in whatever thing we are doing; a teacher needs students, a church is not a church when there are no worshipers, an Okada man needs people in other to earn a living Dangote, who is the richest man in Africa still needs people to work in his company.

The issue of Not getting referrals is something that shouldn’t make you quit online earning platforms. Rather, you should look for a solution, there must be a solution, and I think I have solved if not all but part of your problems in this article, giving up shouldn’t be an option, even if you fail how we learn.

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