How to Hide Your Dirty Room During Video Calls in Zoom – Tide your scattered in Room Meetings

How to Hide Your Dirty Room During Video Calls in Zoom – Tide your scattered in Room Meetings –Have you been wishing to make Videos calls at home? And your house is not tide? Then you should have to read this article to be able to arrange your respective dirty room while trying to make a video call.

So in this article we are going to share you how to easily tide your room and make the best out of it. So are you interested in learning how to hide your dirty room by using this simple ? That’s okay, let’s show you how to handle that in a few minutes.

Some of the guys I know, has been tough in the settings up there house whenever they to do video calls and this has pissed there communicators to ignore the video call due to scattered things around there house.

See how how to arrange your scattered around or room whenever you are trying to make a video calls in a room using Zoom.

How to Hide your Scattered Room During Video Calls in Zoom.

Here below, we are going to share you information you need to know about hiding your scattered room while on a videos on zoom platform.

  • To do so, you need to download and install the zoom app, then once the application opens, select the Gear icon in top section of the window. Now this will open the Settings, windows.
  • On the left side of the settings window, select “virtual background”.
  • As soon selected you will see a video previews of your current environment within the “90° Rotate” section in the right hand side of the preview.
  • Then, zoom has now provided a sample background. Then tab on the like to use.
  • Now select one of the virtual background from the library.
  • Once the background open .
  • Now the background of your actual environment will now be completely hidden.
  • Once you are not satisfied with the background options on the library, you can choose to use your own. Now by doing so, just add image or video button (known by the “+” icon) in the top right sections of the virtual background selection. Meanwhile from there Choose”add image” or add videos.
  • Then zoom will open the file explorer (finder for mac). Then go through the of the image or video you would to use, select it, then click on the “open button.
  • Now select the background will be applied. Then make sure you choose a higher level resolution do that’s doesn’t looks so unkept in a quality of your video meetings.

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