How To Become A Makeup Artist For Celebrities

How To Become A Makeup Artist For Celebrities – How To Become A Celebrity Make-Up Artist – How To Become A Makeup Artist Instagram – how to start a makeup Instagram page

How To Become A Makeup Artist For Celebrities

The correct makeup artist is as crucial as the ideal clothing for celebrities in the spotlight. Most will know exactly who they want behind the scenes with them.
Wemovedigital speaks with some of the best in the business to get the inside scoop working as a celebrity makeup artist.

Enrol on make-up sessions

There are so many excellent make-up artist schools accessible these days that you don’t have to travel to New York, Paris, or London to discover the finest. Look for programs that emphasize the development of fundamental skills, learning the instruments of the profession, and providing opportunities for further experience.

Monika Blunder, a celebrity make-up artist who has worked with Gemma Chan, Amanda Seyfried, and Jennifer Garner, believes that acquiring excellent experience is crucial. “ went to Munich, Germany, for make-up school. To gather experience, I started working in the theatre there. While in Munich, I met Norbert Cheminell, a well-known make-up artist. He was a big thing at the time and largely worked in the fashion industry.

Make-up counters at stores are a terrific location to get some practice. “ began off in a freelance position at the Stila make-up department at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York,” says Vincent Oquendo, who has worked with Karlie Kloss, Ashley Graham, and Ella Balinska. I worked at a few other counters, including Dior, Stila, and Yves Saint Laurent, before obtaining a job as a resident make-up artist at Bobbi Brown, where I stayed for a few .”

Serve as much as possible.

Take advantage of every opportunity to help seasoned makeup artists; it’s a terrific way to learn by doing and getting a taste of what the profession requires. “I was introduced to the make-up artist Paul Starr, and I just asked if I could assist,” Blunder recalls of her career path. After that, I was signed to my first agency as a young assistant make-up artist. After that, I aided Kevyn Aucoin.”

For Oquendo, perseverance led to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work alongside Pat McGrath, the queen of cosmetics. “I had the pleasure to help Pat McGrath for the inaugural Fashion’s Night Out runway show in New York [which went held from 2009 through 2012].” I had been pursuing her Streeters agents for around two to three and had received no answer. I eventually made friends with a few senior members of Pat’s staff, Renee Garnes, who sent me to Pat. I don’t recall much about that day, but that I put in a lot of effort. My ego was checked at the door.”

Stock up with your favourite high-street brands

Starting out as a make-up artist is costly, and building up a customer base and cash takes time. To add diversity to your make-up kit at a reasonable price, look for your favorite high-street brands. “Starting your gear may be incredibly expensive,” says Blunder. I believe that having a variety of foundations in a variety of colors is essential. I constantly spend a lot of money on high-quality foundations and skin care products since they are so essential to me. You may also experiment with drugstore goods, such as lipsticks, eyeliners, and mascaras. Also, make-up companies provide economical eyeshadow palettes with a wide range of colors.”

When it comes to working with celebrities, Ta says his golden rules are: “Be a good listener, pay attention and be open to any and all looks; but know when to add in your professional opinion.”

Blunder adds: “My first rule is to never become best friends with your clients. I see being a make-up artist as a serious job, I never want to bring my personal issues into work. Now, I see younger make-up artists trying to become BFFs with their celebrity clients. When I enter a job, I come to do my best work, that’s my bottom line.

Do your research

It’s critical to get to know your customer and their appearance. A lot of photo research and mood boards will help them feel at ease, knowing that you truly grasp their taste. “I constantly examine their most current looks and what they’ve done recently. Blunder adds, “I’m prepared and know which colors look best on them.”

Five rules for any aspiring celebrity make-up artist

  • Be humble and take advantage of any opportunity to learn.
  • Be patient; every client has a different level of make-up comfort.
  • Be willing to learn new things.
  • Keep an open mind. Listen and be open to all viewpoints, and know when to speak out.
  • Be one of a kind. With your own unique contribution, you will stand out – there are always methods to incorporate this without straying too far from what your customer is comfortable with.

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