How To Completely Set Up G Suite with Gmail and Google Workspace

Completely Set Up G Suite with Gmail and Google Workspace. Setup an Email Address with Gmail and Google Workspace (G Suite).

How To Completely Set Up G Suite with Gmail and Google Workspace

Google’s Workspace (G Suite) service can assist you with tons of things. Still, one among the foremost notable features is that it hosts your email for you and allows you to use the Gmail interface together with your name (e.g., [email protected]), thus supplying you with a knowledgeable email address.

That makes it an excellent option as an email hosting solution for your WordPress site. However, this guide is by no means limited to only WordPress users.

In this way, to found out Google Workspace (G Suite) tutorial, I’ll take you thru every step that you got to fancy get Google Workspace (G Suite) working together with your website and running your professional email address.

set up Google Workspace (G Suite)

  1. Register an account and go through the Google Workspace (G Suite) setup wizard
  2. Add other users to your account (optional)
  3. Verify domain ownership with Google by adding a TXT record to your DNS records
  4. Set up email by adding MX records

Ready? Here’s how to set up Google Workspace (G Suite)…

Step 1: Complete the Google Workspace (G Suite) account setup wizard

To get started, you’ll need to create your actual Google Workspace (G Suite) account.

To do that, head here and click the big Get Started button:

This will launch the account setup wizard, which will prompt you to provide Google with some information.

First, enter some basic information about your account. Then, click Next:

You’ll need to enter the information for your Google Workspace (G Suite) admin account on the next screen.

If you’ve already set up an email through your host, you use that email in the Current email address box. Otherwise, you can enter a personal email address:

Next, indicate whether your business already has a domain name. If you already have a website that you to use with Google Workspace (G Suite), you should choose Yes, I Have One I Can Use:

Then, enter your existing domain name in the box and click Next:

Then, click Next  to confirm that you want to use that domain name:

After that, you’ll need to enter a secondary recovery email address, which you’ll use if you can’t access your primary email address. For example, you could enter your personal Gmail address here, if you have one:

Then, you’ll need to enter a username and password that you’ll use to sign in to Google Workspace (G Suite). Your username will be your business email address by default (i.e., [email protected]), you should keep that in mind when choosing which username to use.

Then, click Agree And Create Account data-preserver-spaces=”true”> to finish the process:

Step 2: Add other people to Google Workspace (G Suite) (optional)

Once you finish the wizard above, you’ll see a confirmation that your account was created, as well as a button to Go To Setup. Go ahead and click that button:

If you want to give other people access to your shared Google Workspace (G Suite) account, click Start next to Add people to your Google Workspace (G Suite) account. Then, you’ll be able to add additional users.

If you’re the only person who will use this Google Workspace (G Suite) account, check the box for I added all user email… and click Next:

Step 3: Verify your domain name with Google

To get started, log in to your cPanel dashboard at your host. Then, look for the Advanced DNS Zone Editor tool:

Next, select your domain name from the drop-down.

Then, you need to use the form to add a TXT record that contains the information from the Google Workspace (G Suite) website:

  1. Name – your domain name
  2. TTL – 86400
  3. Type – TXT
  4. TXT Data – copy and paste from the Google Workspace (G Suite) interface (click below if you’re not sure where to find this)

Click if you can’t find the text for the TXT Data field.

Step 4: Add MX records for your professional email address

To get started, return to your main cPanel dashboard and find the MX Entry tool:

Then, select your name from the drop-down. then , you ought to see a pre-made button for Set Google MX. That’s all you would like to click! No got to do things manually:

If you do not see that pre-made option for Google, you’ll open the Advanced MX Editor from your main cPanel dashboard.

Then, you’ll manually delete the prevailing entries then use the shape to feature the subsequent entries:

   Priority Destination 







Once you’ve finished adding the entries, go back to the Google Workspace (G Suite) interface and click the Verify Domain And Set Up Email button:

And if you did correctly, you should get a success message:

You just set up Google Workspace (G Suite), and your email should start working soon – enjoy! Note that it might take a few hours before your email starts working, don’t worry if you don’t receive emails immediately. Google page.

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