How To Download Free Audiobooks MP3

Seven websites where you can find and download free audiobooks Mp3 legally. Listening to audiobooks is an easy way to digest a ton of books quickly and efficiently. You can listen to them your commute to work when running errands, doing household chores, relaxing, or even when you have dedicated time to listen to the books.

The challenge is usually having your choice of books and then being able to afford them. This article removes your worries; you can enjoy free audiobooks, hundreds of thousands of them. We’ve pointed out seven websites that genuinely grant you access to all sorts of audiobooks from classics, to stories, to personal development, to academic books and more. Let’s examine.

Download Free Audiobooks MP3

Loyal Books. Loyal Books boasts over 7,000 free downloadable audiobooks and ebooks. The website lists the likes of Trek: Lost Frontier, H Rider Haggard’s book King Solomon’s Mines, Charles Dickens; popular OliverTwist, Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; return of Sherlock Holmes and many others. LibriVox. LibriVox readers access popular books narrated by contributors.

The website is community-driven, with1,439 non-English volumes in 36 languages. The platform has over 8,000 registered readers and 10,978 audiobooks in total. has more than 100,000 ebooks.

It has a database of classic titles like, for example, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The database has both free and paid book titles, so you can find your preferred audiobooks using filters. Learn Out Loud. Learn Out Loud has over 10,000 audiobooks and videos for free in their selection.

Download Free Audiobooks MP3

The books the LearnOur Loud platform have a slant towards learning. The platform’s directory is full of resources like speeches, documentaries, interviews, courses, talks, audiobooks, and a host of other audios and videos. Project Gutenberg. ProjectGutenberg is popular for public domain classics, ebooks, and audiobooks such as Aesop’s Fables. Some of the audiobooks Project Gutenberg are narrated by their volunteers and other public domain audiobook contributors.

Project Gutenberg has both computer narrated and human narrated books. Lit2Go. Lit2Go has thousands of audiobooks, mostly stories, and poems. Each book comes with a supplementary PDF so that listeners can read along. Books come with summaries that include word counts and citations.

You can access books like The Count of Monty Cristo by Alexandre Dumas and Civil Rights and Conflict in the United States: selected speeches by FCIT. audiobooks. Audiobooks come from different sources. The platform is one of the largest collections of classic audiobooks.

Download Free Audiobooks MP3

They boast of having more than 13,000 audiobooks you can download for free. You can download the audiobooks in different formats, and you may listen to them straight from their web application. Conclusion. Overdrive allows you to get free audiobooks from libraries. You’d have to visit a physical library with your library card to get the audiobooks you found on Overdrive.

However, with Loyal Books, LibriVox,, Learn Out Loud, ProjectGutenberg, Lit2Go, and audiobooks, you can get hundreds of and thousands of audiobooks for free, legally free. Most of what you want is probably on those seven websites.

Download Free Audiobooks MP3

If you ever want more, use Overdrive to search for books locally or in a library near your city. Okay, as , thanks for watching, and please subscribe and add your comments below. See you next time!

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