KoboBid Review: Legit or Scam? All You Need To Know

KoboBid Review And Kobo Auction: Legit or Scam? All You Need To Know Let’s Find Out

What Is Kobo penny Auction All About?

KoboBid.com is Nigeria’s leading  penny auction (Kobo Auction) platform for high-quality products and offerings to help you afford your best life.

If you are looking for the best auction sites in Nigeria, you have come to the right place. They offer large-quality products and plenty of auctions, ranging from clothing to mobile phones to electronics on the platform.

Whether you are hunting for a brand new MacBook Pro or even if you want Bone-Straight Hair, They have got you covered! We have a wide variety of sections you can choose from. You can bid for your favorite household items like microwave ovens, gas cookers, blenders, and much more right on the Kobo Auction page.

Bidding on products online can be a great way to get a discount you would not find in-store. Think how pressured your friends will be when you tell them you got your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S20 for One Thousand Naira (₦1,000) on KoboBid. Be rest assured that you will get the best benefit for your money.

There’s no better time to bid online than now. 

Let our automated bidding app (BidMate) help you bid when you are away from your device. It would be best if you did not have to keep following an auction all day long to win it. Get price cuts on a wide collection of different items when you bid today.

We’re a fast-paced bidding website where you can win and purchase some of your favorite, AUTHENTIC items for as little as ONE Kobo by bidding. No, we’re not kidding! No, we’re not the traditional “going once, going twice” auctions that you may be familiar with. Kobobid is Nigeria’s first foray into penny auctions on a large scale. With our own “kobo auctions,” the vision is to inject some fun and interactiveness into auctions and the Nigerian e-commerce webspace while providing an alternate way for to afford otherwise expensive goods.


How KoboBid Work - Register


This gives you instant and uninterrupted access to numerous hot deals for all kobo auctions across the site and the power to request bids from your friends.

Buy A Bidlack

This is your bidding power. You cannot participate in auctions and stand a chance to win great, discounted items without it. For a limited time only, purchase your first BidPack now and get up to 25 free bids!

Choose Your Item

Check out available auctions, or search by categories to choose what you like. You can also add items to your Watchlist while you decide.

Click “bid now” to start bidding.

If you’re the last person to bid when the clock reaches 00:00:00, you win the item.

Claim Your Win

Follow instructions to claim your win or “Buy It Now” and have it delivered to you. Then, sit back, relax and await your package delivery or digital transfer.

They also have an automatic BidMate which will help you bid in case you are unavailable.

Are all these true? Is Kobobid Legit? Well, continue reading the KoboBid Review to find out more.

Why You Should Use Kobo Auction

The platform thinks you should use them because:

  • They are fast: You bid fast, and we deliver even quicker. Everything is sharp, fast, fast, and now! There are no long stories with us.
  • Authentic: All our products are brand new, top-shelf items from your favorite brands. You want it, and we’ve got it: no knockoffs, no fakes, no quality issues.
  • Simple Model: Our model is created to make your bidding experience easy and rewarding. Just click “bid now.” The rest is history in your account profile.
  • Trustworthy: We believe in access, transparency, fairness, and most importantly, #NoOjoro. We guarantee fast delivery and fast support if you encounter any issues.

Kobo Auction

Kobo Auction is where you see the latest products that you can bid for.

Are all these true? Is Kobobid Legit? Well, continue reading the KoboBid Review to find out more.

What is BidMate?

You can’t always be on your device when auctions go live. We get it. We all need our beauty sleep. Yet, it would be best if you stay alert to stay ahead. In short, you need a BidMate. It’s your assistant on our platform, ensuring you have eyes everywhere and are always ready for action. So, here are some things you need to know about your BidMate:

  • You can activate your BidMate before or during auctions to help you bid.
  • You can choose to do so before an auction goes live. So long as an auction is live on the site, you can #SetItandForgetIt.
  • You can activate your BidMate during an auction, also while simultaneously bidding manually because why? Teamwork makes the dream work!
  • More BidMates = better chances. Take advantage of multiple BidMates to help you bid on multiple auctions (at the same darn time!) and increase your chances of winning.
  • Each BidMate activation allows a maximum of 30bids to be set at one time.
  • You can cancel your BidMate activation at any time.
  • Let your BidMate help you manage your bids – you get an alert once your Bidmate goes down to the final five recommendations in your Bidlack. This helps you decide if you want to continue to bid on the item in question or not.

Other things to know about your BidMate:

  • Your BidMate automatically bids on the item selected once the auction time drops anywhere below the 10sec mark. This means it could help auto bid sometimes at the 10secs mark, 7secs mark, 1sec mark, and so forth. Its algorithm is completely random.
  • Your Bidmate will use up your Token Bids first before Real Bids. Your Real Bids will be used in order of date purchased. See Real Bids vs. Token Bids for more.

Are all these true? Is Kobobid Legit? Well, continue reading the KoboBid Review to find out more.

Get Free Bids

There are even more ways to get free bids than just our Beginner’s Promo. You can:

  • Buy more bids – the more offers you buy, the more free bids you’re rewarded with
    • 1000 BidPack + 150 Free/Token bids = ₦100,000
    • 500 BidPack + 70 Free/Token bids = ₦50,000
    • 250 BidPack + 30 Free/Token bids = ₦25,000
    • 100 BidPack + 10 Free/Token bids = ₦10,000
    • 75 BidPack + 6 Free/Token bids = ₦7,500
    • 50 BidPack + 3 Free/Token bids = ₦5,000
  • Send bids to friends using the Bids Transfer feature.
    • When you log in to your account, go to ‘Bids Transfer’ to the left of your profile.
    • Click on ‘Send Bids’ and enter your friend’s email and the number of bids you want. Note that their email has to be the one they registered on Kobobid with.
    • After they send you bids, it’s between you and them whether you plan on returning the favor or not. 😉
    • 100 BidPack + 10 Free/Token bids = ₦10,000
    • 75 BidPack + 6 Free/Token bids = ₦7,500
    • 50 BidPack + 3 Free/Token bids = ₦5,000Note: Real bids received via Bids Transfer remain Real Bids.
  • Your Referral Code – You have a unique ID that you can turn into free bids! Did you know this? To enjoy this benefit:
    • Sign in to access your referral code and link to your account. You will find it to the bottom left of your profile.
    • Please invite your friends to join kobobid.com, and for each friend that comes on board and buys their first BidPack, you get N100. These referral credits can be tallied up and applied to your purchases on the site. Who doesn’t love a good discount?
    • After they send you bids, it’s between you and them whether you plan on returning the favor or not ;)Come on… The more, the merrier. We talking about referrals, by the way.
  • Promotions – Pay attention – We love giving gifts. For a limited time only, we’re matching your first bid pack purchase bid-for-bid up to 25 bids. This special promo won’t be here for long, but you can be sure it won’t be our last one.
    • Spend N500 and get five real bids + 5 free bids
    • Spend N1000 and get ten real bids + 10 free bids
    • Spend N2500 and above and get 25 real bids + 25 free bids
    • This is all in addition to the extra Token Bids that come with BidPack purchases of N5000 and above anyways!

Register On Kobobid.com (KoboBid Registration)

It’s free of charge to register on KoboBid.com. You’ll need to fill in this information while signing up:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Email Address
  • Your Username
  • Your Password
  • Your Sponsor (Referrer ID)


KoboBid Login

To log in to the platform, you must have successfully registered. You’ll provide this information to log in:

  • Your Email Address or Phone Number
  • Your Password.

KoboBid Review (Quick Overview)

  • Website Type: Cheap Auction
  • Website URL: Kobobid.com
  • Founder: Nil
  • Domain Age: 2018-08-25 till date
  • Is KoboBid Legit?: Read the last heading

Is Kobobid Legit? (Conclusion)

To finish off my Kobobid Review, Is Kobobid Legit?

Yes, the platform is currently legit, and are winning real products for amazingly low prices. When you win a consequence, they work as quickly as we can to process your order. If you’re wondering why you haven’t received your item, please use the tracking number sent to you.

Depending on your location, please allow up to 14 days for your order to arrive. If you think your order should have arrived but you haven’t received it, please track your order using the tracking number provided to you at the shipping time.

They also claim that their personnel takes protective and hygiene measures to deliver your items safely to you, in line with health advice provided by global health agencies in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic. Because they take these safety measures seriously, they have chosen FedEx as our shipping partner based on their impressive commitment to keep their customers safe during the pandemic.

It would be best if you gave Kobobid.com a try, and It’s worth it. Meanwhile, I’d advise bidding for products with lesser money, and I mean the money you can lose because anything can happen anytime.

If you don’t agree with my KoboBid Review, please, let me know what you think.


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