Igue Festival – Edo Most Admired Festivals

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Igue Festival – Edo Most Admired Festivals – The Igue Festival has been one of the Edo people festival and practically one of the festival has making wave around the world and the people of Edo nation. Edo State is based in the Southern part of the country of the Nation of Nigeria. The city of Edo is Benin. Edo State has a population of 6 million people comprising different ethnics and region’s.

The Clan that’s makes up Edo Nation comprises about the Bini, Esan, Owan, and Etsako and many other minorities. Meanwhile the states has different cultures and traditions, mostly the one that’s celebrated most is the igue festival. It’s one of the highly respected festival in Edo land. The festival is celebrated every annual in December period by the reigning oba and his subjects to mark the yearly of the Benin people’s as it’s been done by there ancestors.

The igue festival have always or maybe, we would say it’s something that’s takes place every September in past year’s. Meanwhile the Oba Akenzua has shifted the festival to the month of September. This is by making it revolves with other festivals in that moment. However the Oba Ewuare is said to be a greatest king around 1440 to 1473, as he ascended the throne with many history and innovation.

The city of Benin was previously known as igodomigodo but later named the Benin. Meanwhile the Igue festival is a celebration that was named after and celebrated the Ugie-Evhoba and many other occasions. meanwhile this basically the death of the Bini, and for the close of seven days propitiate are honored to the spirits of the late’s Obas. However this is done to invoke and destroy bad evils and as well bless the reign king of their families and the king subornate.

The igue festival is known for its offering and thanksgiving to the gods of the lands and equally doing this to bless and also sacrifice the gods of the land. Meanwhile during this all the chieftaincy title holders will display their Eben Emblem in their ugie dance in there respective attire. This is done as the Obas wants and title and seat within the royal chambers. The igue festival can also be used to remove evil spirits and to bring multi blessings to the people of the land.

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