Masquerades in Nigeria and their Mythical


Masquerades in Nigeria and their Mythical -what are the most popular masquerades in Nigeria ? today we will be teaching you guys and as well show you guys the most popular masquerades in Nigeria and how and where they belong to. so do you wish to see the latest masquerades in Nigeria? if you are then let show you guys how to easily be updated on the latest masquerades in Nigeria.

We all know that masquerades in Nigeria represents some parts of tribes in Africa and Nigeria at large. Masquerades are one of the most highly respected traditions in Nigeria and others, because this represents some tribes and festivals celebration. Basically there about 300 ethnic groups in Nigeria but only three tribe are known which are the Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba. This particular group represent them.

Meanwhile, masquerades are developed for a particular reason, based on occasions and festivities in the land. Although some are representing the gods of the land.

So are you willing to see the latest and best masquerades in Nigeria ? if you are then let show you the latest masquerades in the different tribes in Nigeria.


The number one masquerades in Nigeria are basically known as the ijele, this the mot rated masquerades in Nigeria as at large, as its rate the most essential among all. The masquerades is said to be around 10 to 15 feet tall, the masquerades is the most the biggest in Africa and Nigeria at large. The comes to it huge tall and the mythical its possess around him. The masquerades is said to be originated in Anambra, Enugu, and Ebonyi state and some part of Eastern parts of the countries. Now see the second below here.


Woe all know that, many masquerades are available in Nigeria but mostly around the Eastern parts of the country. And history has shown that’s masquerades are parts of the things that represents the traditions of this people. The Eyo masquerades is known form the appearance of it dressing. The Eyo is known for it white apparels and the head like a moon. The masquerades is said to be originated from Lagos state Nigeria and this particular masquerades is said to be appearing during the Eyo festivals.


The popular masquerades Ekpo is know for its dancing atmosphere, its known for the performing dance of the native of Efik, Ibibio and Anang people of Cross River nations. The masquerades is a visual cultural outfit that’s made up of the leopard skin in colours. Meanwhile its said to be understanding that’s other Eastern part of the country have adopted. The masquerades is said to be ugly, black and with a fearful face mask. The body is to be made of wood and staw body and so on.


The Ekpe is known for it traditional natives attire, The Ekpe is for the people of Efik. The Ekpe masquerades is said to be known for its visual cultural wears and its made up of leopard skins around the body.


The Egbabonelimwin masquerades is said be known for high perform cultural dance of its form, and this comes as the native of the Esan people of Nigeria. The Egbabonelimwin masquerades is said to be known from Edo state Nigeria. Meanwhile the majorly operate around a festivals in the Edo state, particularly the Esan people.

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