JR Ridinger Net Worth

JR Ridinger Net Worth-Net JR Ridinger: JR Ridinger is a U.S. companyman with a net value of $300 million. James Ridinger was born in New York, NY. In 1992 he and his wife Loren co-founded the Market America/SHOP.com internet marketing and product brokerage . The is based in Greensboro in North Carolina, hiring 500 people. They are the 27th largest DSN’s global 100 list in 2013, serving more than 3 million users. The products of the business include health, home and garden, animal housekeeping, car maintenance, personal attention, cosmetics, jewels, and water filter systems. The organization funded Cystic Fibrosis for the 10th annual Fashion Art Ball

JR Ridinger Net Worth

JR Ridinger Net Worth:

  • $300 Million


  • Market America, SHOP.COM


  • American


  • Loren

Place of birth:

  • New York

Real Estate: In June 2020 JR and Loren Ridinger put their NYC condo the market for just under $20 million.

They ultimately lowered the price to $.5 million. As of this writing they have not found a buyer. The monthly HOA fee for the 7,600 square-foot unit is $,000.

In 2016 they paid $6 million for a large mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut. They sold this home in April 2019 for $6.85 million.

Today Loren and JR’s primary residence is a different Greenwich mansion which they acquired in 2018 for $17.5 million. The 5.34-acre property had been listed for $25 million.

In Miami, Loren and JR own a large waterfront mansion that is likely worth $20 million.

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