Oduduwa Nation – The Myth Oranmiyan Staff

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Oduduwa Nation – The Myth Oranmiyan Staff -We would say that Oduduwa is one of the respected nation across the West African countries in Africa as whole. The oduduwa is regarded as one off the oldest nation in the world. this was known for it hiistory and heritages thts was dated back from 500BC. this area is made with amazing and myths about traditions and ancestors where those who made the nation great.

Do you know that young adult of the Yoruba nation was known for their bravery. Their offspring was regarded as one of the best in humanity as the never stopped making their nation great from oldest sons to young generations.

The Myth Oranmiyan Staff

The oranmyian staff is known as the ancient oduduwa nation of the Yoruba people, it’s was known for it’s history made in the West African people. This history was passed to ancestors to young generation of oduduwa tribes. The oranmyian staff is some ancient history you would wish to hear it moment on. This history has made alot of traditions in the Yoruba nation as we speak.

There is alot you can find in place like ile-ife lodun or known as kingdom of ife, the Yoruba ancient city of art. This is located in thewestern part of the country known as Osun state.

History About Oranmyian Staff

This is known as the greatest prince of oduduwa whose name is Omoluabi Odede as the king of the Yoruba nation which is previously known as ife-lodun, he would be called kingdom of ife. Orayn is the youngest child who later succeded as the heir to the oduduwa nation after his successful return the throne of his grandfather father kingdom.

The Oranmyian was known for it power to the nation. Meawhile after his ascending to the throne he went on to consquered many tribes around the ife people of the oduduwa nation.

Anytime there is a war his people comes calling him for help to rescue there. whenever it happens they will do what he told them to do. The Oranmyian will come with a great spirit towards ife destroying everything in his way.

On his coming ife kingdom to rescue his people, he released so much power that destroyed every single being and he went on killing his best friend. With this he went on to drop the staff on ground due to anger and tears and when he dropped the staff he went on ran to the forest. and was never seen again. History was known that after dropping the staff on ground, it turn to stone and became a monolith. This made the Oranmyian staff a deity of the ife-ife and the yoruba people.

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