Racksterli (Goldomc) Investment Review- 2021 New Update

Racksterli (Goldomc) Investment Review- 2021 New Update

Welcome to my Racksterli (Goldomc) Investment Review 2021.
If you are making queries regarding the new Gold omc racksterli investment platform, this post will walk you through to understand how gold racksterli works, requirements, and if it’s legit or a scam.

When I heard about Racksterli the first time, I thought Racksterly (The one that existed and crashed before). I never really bothered about understanding the platform very well.

However, due to frequent demands and questions from my fans and followers, I decided to come up with this racksterli investment platform review to find out if it worth it or not.


Due to a recent Upgrade, Racksterli has officially switched from Racksterli.com to Goldomc.com.

About Goldomc Raksterli Investment

You may think Raksterli is just another kind of income program website, but the platform goes beyond that since it deals with investments with high ROI (Return on Investment).

 Like I said earlier, this post covers everything about racksterli.

However, one common similarity is that both platforms deal with posting or promoting sponsored posts on social media accounts.

Racksterli was created in July 2020, and the website can be accessed via racksterli.com.

How Goldomc Racksterli Works

Racksterli is a website that claims to pay you for promoting sponsored content and products on your social media accounts, e.g., Facebook and WhatsApp.

Companies and corporate businesses exchange advert placement, while the affiliate members share these Adverts to their social media page daily and get paid; hence Racksterli serves as a middleman between two individuals known as an affiliate member and the Advertisers.

How To Make Money On Goldomc Racksterli

There are two basic earning systems on Racksterli. You earn money by sharing sponsored posts to your Facebook and also referring people to join the platform via your link.

Racksterli gets its adverts and sponsored posts from companies and brands who wish to promote their products and services.

Goldomc Racksterli Subscription Packages

Before you register on goldomc Racksterli, you will have to select a package you wish to register or subscribe to. There are 7 Major packages.

  1. Standard Package ₦14,000 (Fourteen thousand naira )
  2. Premium package ₦28,000 (Twenty-eight thousand naira)
  3. Platinum Package ₦56,000 (Fifty-six thousand naira)
  4. Gold Package ₦112,000 (One hundred and Twelve thousand naira)
  5. Diamond Package ₦280,000 (Two hundred and eighty thousand naira)
  6. Ruby ₦560,000 ( Five Hundred and Sixty Thousand)
  7. Emerald ₦1,120,000 ( One Million One Hundred and Twenty Thousand)
  8. Pearl ₦2,800,000 (Two Million Eight Hundred Thousand)
  9. Jasper ₦5,000,000 (Five Million)
  10. Sapphire ₦10,000,000 (10 Million)
  11. Topaz ₦20,000,000 (Twenty Million)

What You Will Earn From Each Package

  • With the Standard Package, you will earn $1.9 daily for sharing Sponsored post on Facebook or WhatsApp ($1.9 x 30 = $57 = ₦21,660)
  • Premium package gives you $3.9 daily for Sharing sponsored Post to your Facebook or WhastApp respectively ($3.9 x 30 = $117 = ₦44,460)
  • The Platinum package also gives you $7.8 for every sponsored post that you share daily on Social Media ($7.8 x 30 days = $234 = ₦88,920)
  • On the Gold package, you will earn $15.6 for every sponsored post that you share on your Facebook ($15.6 x 30 days = $468 = ₦177,840)
  • Diamond package earns you $39 daily for every sponsored post that you share to your Facebook/WhatsApp ($39 x 30 days = $1,170 = ₦444,600)
  • Ruby package, you will earn $74.42 for every sponsored post that you share on Facebook/WhatsApp ($74.42 x 30 days = $2.232.6 = ₦848,370)
  • On the Emerald package, you will earn $148.25 daily for every sponsored post that you share on your Facebook/WhatsApp ($148.25 x 30 days = $4,447.5 = ₦1,690.000)
  • The Peal Package earns you $366.45 daily for sharing Sponsord Posts to Facebook/WhatsApp ($366.45 x 30 days = $10,993.5 = ₦4,177,530)
  • On the Jasper Package, you will earn $647.36 daily for sharing Sponsored Posts to Facebook/WhatsApp ($647.36 x 30 days = ₦7,379,904)
  • The New Sapphire Package earns you $1,300 daily for sharing Sponsored Posts to Facebook/WhatsApp ($1,300 x 30 days = $39,000 = ₦14,820,000)

Referral Bonuses Associated With Each Package

  • Standard Package: $3
  • Premium Package: $8
  • Platinum Package: $10.53
  • Gold Package: $11.85
  • Diamond Package: $13.16
  • Ruby Package: $15.7
  • Emerald Package: $18.4
  • Pearl Package $22.3
  • Jasper $27.5
  • Sapphire $35
  • Topaz $40

Now for the bad guys who are good with referring, here comes a fast way to earn very fast on the racksterli platform.

If you can refer ten persons to racksterli, you will earn an extra $25

When you refer up to 25 persons, you will earn an additional $100

If you can still refer 100 persons, you will stand a chance to make an additional $40.

When you refer 200 persons on the diamond package within 30 days, you get an extra $1000 added to your activity bonus.

Nevertheless, When you refer 50 persons, Racksterli will extend your subscription by one more month.

Does Racksterli Pay Without Referral?

According to the platform, they claim to pay without a referral, so I would also say Yes, Racksterli pays without a referral. However, it would help if you depended on the non-referral payment since you stand a chance to earn bigger and faster when you refer.

Both referral and non-referral payments are made daily within 24 hours, And you can only request a price after being a member of the platform for at least 30 days.

Goldomc Racksterli Registration (Requirements)


For those who may wish to register or signup on goldomc racksterli, first of all, you need to have access to the racksterli coupon, and after getting yourself a coupon code, you can proceed with your registration.

Register On Racksterli Now

Gold Omc Login

You can access Racksterli via Goldomc.com.

Gold Omc Profile

If you find it difficult to log in and access your goldomc Racksterli profile, kindly click on forget password and input your existing username and password again and click on update.

Having investigated and gone through some goldomc racksterli review(s), I can not possibly say racksterli is a scam. Neither will I say it is legit. However, the platform is currently paying with a high ROI that no other investment platform has been able to pay.

Besides, most of my friends are into it, so I wouldn’t discourage you from joining so far as the platform is still paying, but I will still advise you don’t put too much dependency on it.

Update March 2021

Goldomc Racksterli lacks credibility, so they can’t be trusted anymore.

 I strongly recommend you deviate from the Ponzi scheme because sooner or later, the website will go down again, and that will end the story.

 But even with this warning, more and more people are investing in the Ponzi scheme.

Still, I am certain of that it will get to a point where even the new website (goldomc) will not be able to accommodate tons of members.

 And who knows, the site will crash finally, or the company may switch to a new domain, therefore, leading her members astray.

Based on my assessment, Racksterli is just another Ponzi scheme like MMM who doesn’t have any physical products to offer.

 It is just a pyramid scheme, and such systems don’t last. 

I can tell you already did/heard of most of these Ponzi schemes, I who have come and gone InsmeApp, Racksterly, loom, MMM, and among others, the list is endless.

Who Is The Founder Of Racksterli

It is believed that Racksterli is owned by Michael Chidiebere, who also owns a Whatsapp TV. The official location of Racksterli is in lekki, with active customer care service.

Conclusion: Goldomc Racksterli Investment Review

Racksterli is an investment platform that pays you when you register with your preferred package and take active participation on their website via the earning system.

The platform pays without a referral, and they claim to be legit.

 However, I cant assure you a long run, so it’s up to you. I hope this goldomc racksterli review has made you understand everything relating to the platform.


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