The Best Car Insurance of 2021


Updated September 23rd, 2021 at 09:55 pm


August 2021 is going to be the best time to get car insurance.

To get the best vehicle insurance providers, NerdWallet evaluated claims processing, openness, complaints, and more.

The top 10 biggest auto insurance firms, according by company size, are:

The Big Four automobile insurance carriers account for the vast majority of all auto insurance in the United States.

After going over the research that was performed by Quadrant Information Services, Bankrate’s insurance editorial team created an in-depth report that covers company average minimum and full coverage prices, coverages, discounts, financial strength rankings, and customer service ratings. Based this information, we gave each company a Bankrate Score. 5.0 out of 5. Companies that rank well in each of the Bankrate rating areas have better Bankrate Scores.

Most of the nation’s auto insurance is written by the nation’s 10 largest insurance providers, which use this list to highlight how they cover 73% of all policies in the country.

Home insurance: 16.19%
13.54% with Geico
Increasing: 13.3%
USAA: the interest rate is 6.32%
Allstate: 4.9 percent
USAA: 3.98%
overall: 2.32%
The American Family’s estimated 2002 poverty rate was 2.07 percent.
Passengers: 1.96%

Which insurance providers perform the best? One individual’s finest company may not be the best for another person.
Consider lowering your auto insurance premium by looking for ways to save money.
Wanting to get a cheaper auto insurance policy?

State Farm offers comparison and savings.

HQ: Bloomington, Illinois
a 16.19% market share
The full coverage annual insurance premium is $1,457 per year.
This amounts to $539 per year in terms of average yearly coverage.
The Bankrate score is 4.4.

In the United States, State Farm is the largest insurer of personal cars. Customers can choose from a range of insurance, banking products, and loans from your State Farm agents. In addition to insurance and banking services, consider State Farm if you are interested in acquiring those types of services.

According to J.D. Power’s surveys, State Farm’s customer satisfaction levels are largely ordinary. Claims service was below industry average, however the company received a higher score than the industry average for product liability. Customers’ expressed satisfaction with how State Farm manages claims after an accident is an indication that customers are generally pleased with how the company handles claims.
distinctive feature:

Including independent contractors, the number of agents working for State Farm is about 19,000, and this number reaches 58,000 when employees are included.

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Chevy Chase, Maryland is the HQ.
A 13.54% market share
an average of $1,405 per year in complete insurance coverage
Typical annual deductible: $433
An above-average financial rating.

As of July 2018, it was estimated that over 28 million vehicles were insured by Geico. As well as its ads depicting the Geico Gecko, the company’s motto, “15 minutes could save you 15 percent or more on vehicle insurance,” is notably recognizable.

The satisfaction ratings of Geico’s customers from J.D. Power are remarkable. In the Northwest, North Central, and Southwest regions, the insurer wins first place in customer satisfaction. The fact that clients are generally satisfied with Geico’s customer service is clearly demonstrated by this.
distinctive feature:

Your policy, quotes, and claims are all just a few taps away thanks to the Geico app.

Find out more: how does Geico insurance work?


HQ: Mayfield Village, Ohio
a 13.3% market share
The full-coverage annual premium is $1,509.
The cost of the annual minimum insurance policy: $582
The overall score is four-and-a-half stars.

While most of the vehicle insurance companies on this list do offer auto insurance, Progressive offers a wide range of coverage options, both for cars and for motorcycles. You can also insure your home, boats, and recreational vehicles with Progressive.

According to J.D. Power’s customer satisfaction ratings, the overall average of progressive is in the middle. In addition, the organization obtained a subpar ranking from J.D. Power for insurance claims processing.
distinctive feature:

In addition to conventional insurance, Progressive offers nonstandard insurance, as well. If you’ve experienced a mishap, been cited for a traffic violation, or been convicted of driving under the influence and can’t get vehicle insurance, Progressive may be able to help.

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HQ: Northbrook, IL
9.11% market share
An average annual full coverage insurance rate of $1,921 exists.
The annual minimum required insurance coverage is $696.
a three-and-a-half-star rating

Allstate makes it easy to bundle numerous insurance kinds and get a discount by offering auto, home, renters, and life insurance products.

Customer satisfaction scores from J.D. Power differ depending on where in the U.S. you are located. In regions where Allstate is available, we recommend you first check Allstate’s reviews in your area before looking at other states’ Allstate reviews.
distinctive feature:

When you keep up your safe driving practices, you’ll save about 40% with Allstate’s usage-based Drivewise program. Additionally, Drivewise participants will receive reward points, which they may use to rent cars, get magazines and more.

For further information, see: Allstate Insurance review


The headquarters is located in San Antonio, Texas.
The percentage of the market that the firm controls is 6.32 percent.
The cost of coverage full-time is $1,225 per year.
The average annual minimum insurance payment is $384.
The overall score is four-and-a-half stars.

A military family insurance provider, USAA helps service members save $725 a year by providing highly reduced auto insurance. USAA is the fifth largest US-based vehicle insurance provider.

Despite not being qualified for an official rating because of its qualifying limits, USAA has continually received high customer service rankings from J.D. Power.
distinctive feature:

USAA offers a variety of car storage alternatives and simple payment arrangements for service members who are deployed.

Check out USAA Insurance for more information.

Liberty Mutual

Company HQ: Boston, MA
4.75% market share
an overall score of 3.9

Many types of insurance are available from Liberty Mutual, such as homeowner’s insurance, life insurance, and pet insurance. Auto insurance coverage are simple to obtain and are user-friendly. Doing everything all at once does not have to be the only option. To help clients receive the best price on their vehicle insurance, Liberty Mutual displays 17 different discounts on its website.

Like Allstate, customer satisfaction statistics with Liberty Mutual vary by location. If you get an estimate from this provider, you should investigate client satisfaction in your area before making a decision.
distinctive feature:

If your car is a total loss, you can replace it with a vehicle 12 months newer with fewer than 15,000 miles on the odometer.

Learn more: Visit our website to learn more: Liberty Mutual Insurance review

are the providers of farmers insurance.

HQ: Los Angeles, CA
a 3.98% market share
The standard full coverage fee is $2,000 each year.
The annual insurance premium to have min medical coverages is $808.
My Bankrate score was 3.8.

The robust insurance packages offered by Farmers boast a broad number of unique benefits. For example, if you drive for a firm like Uber or Lyft, you can acquire ridesharing coverage. OEM coverage is also an option, which sources OEM parts for you when your vehicle is damaged. J.D. Power gave farmers an above-average claim satisfaction grade.

MetLife just sold Farmers Insurance the auto and home portion of their business. When MetLife merges with another insurance company, existing customers’ policies may begin to notice changing branding, as well as different coverage options or discounts.
distinctive feature:

If you recently acquired a new car, Farmers’ New Car Replacement Coverage may be something you want to explore. If your automobile is less than two years old and has fewer than 24,000 miles on the odometer, this optional coverage can get you a brand new car as long as your car is totaled.

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the new office: Columbus, Ohio
The full coverage premium is $1,485 per year.
The national average annual insurance rate for minimal insurance coverage is $501.
an overall good score

There are different kinds of insurance coverage, including both personal and business coverage. The essential aspects of Nationwide’s insurance are included, such as liability, medical, and vehicle, but it also offers coverage such as rental car, towing, and gap coverage, which covers the difference between the value of your car and the balance you owe on your lease or loan if your vehicle is totaled.

The above-industry-average claims service rating from J.D. Power is proof that Nationwide’s scores do fluctuate by area.
distinctive feature:

Nationwide offers up to $500 in potential savings off your deductible for every year you practice safe driving, but it may only be accrued in one year at a time. If you have a health insurance coverage that covers everything, then this would be the only deductible you have to pay.

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a well-known American family

M: Square is Rectangle
The percentage of market share: 2.07
The total annual cost of complete coverage is $1,911 per year.
Median yearly out-of-pocket coverage cost: $918
The Bankrate Rating: 3.7

Many people simply refer to AmFam as “American Family,” which sells a wide range of insurance products, including life, health, home, vehicle, travel, and identity theft insurance. Convenience is one of the priorities for the organization, which offers mobile apps like bill payment and a Teen Safe Driver program.
distinctive feature:

Through American Family’s Dreams Restored Program, people no longer have to worry about locating a repair shop. The insurance company is handling the billing, so you never see any bills. Additionally, American Family offers a lifetime workmanship guarantee on the piece.

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New York City, New York as the company’s main headquarters
a 1.96% market share
The average annual premium for a full coverage plan is $1,325.
Minimum coverage premium: $469.”
Overall rating: 4.5

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