What is Steam Wallet? How To Earn Steam Money Playing Games


What is Steam Wallet? How To Earn Steam Money Playing Games



 Today we will be looking at What is Steam Wallet? How To Earn Steam Money Playing Games
Many people are bored staying at home due to the Corona Virus lockdown. It’s no longer news that markets have closed down, party clubs and social gatherings restricted, and there are more cases been discovered in our country.

I felt really lazy at writing this article on How to make money on Steam.

 Nevertheless, I have seen blogging now as part of me, and I have to keep writing no matter the Odds.

But come to think of it, during this Pandemic period, I think it is an opportunity for people to get something online while staying home.

You can learn graphics design from home; you can study Youtube videos and other stuff to be learned online.

The internet is a great source to make money from home now that there is an increase in traffic because many people are now spending more online.

But notwithstanding, let me end the story here and get back on track to what took you to my blog today on a steam wallet and everything about playing games with Steam.

Steam ReviewHow Does Steam Work

Steam is a gaming company that Valve Corporation created. Havi launched in 2003 to enable Valve to offer updates for their games automatically.

For those who have not read about Steam and asking how Steam works, Steam is one of the biggest digital distribution platforms in terms of the PC gaming sector. For game lovers, you will grab this one

let me not use Grammar; the PC here refers to Personal Computer or Laptop that everybody knows.

If you enjoy playing games on your Laptop, there is a high probability you have Steam downloaded on your computer.

For people like me am a Fan of PlayStation, and I love flogging my Guys each time we play Football.

BesidesBesides housing many digital games, Steam allows you to purchase games directly through the application or enter codes that you purchased through a third-party company.

More than 18% of all PC game purchases are made through Steam, and it has sold more than $4.3 billion games.

Therefore, if you wish to earn something extra when playing games or developing them, Steam is the place.

The mobile steam app is also available on mobile android phones.

What Is Steam Wallet?

Steam Wallet is your steam Balance where all steam funds are accumulated. It’s just like your PayPal account Wallet.

The Steam Wallet allows users to purchase games with funds in their accounts instead of directly using their credit or debit card.

While selecting games with Steam, you can also use funds in Steam Wallet to make in-game purchases.

You can also enter your card information in your Steam Wallet or add funds directly to it.

Essentially, Steam Wallet is a digital bank of sorts, allowing users to add funds to their Steam Account, which in turn, can be used to purchase games available on Steam Store.

Steam Wallet Codes can also be used to pre-purchase a select number of funds to add to your account, as simple as that.

What is Steam Wallet Card

Just like an ATM card, a Steam card comes with an activation code, which the recipient can use to put the Steam card’s value into their account’s digital Steam Wallet.

The Wallet balance can then be used to buy games, downloadable content, and in-game items.

If you send a digital Steam card, the receiver will have the money added to their wallet by accepting the gift. If you’ve received a physical gift card, then you can activate it online by inputting the code.

How To Earn Steam Money

For those looking for how to get free steam money am referring to those who love freebies; you can make money on Steam playing your favorite games.

If you wish to make money on Steam, you can follow two major avenues to make money through Steam.

One is trading items on the Steam Market, and the second one is to develop a game and try to sell it through Steam Direct.

1. Apps That Give Free Steam Codes

There are so many apps and websites that will let you earn points when you perform certain activities.

When you gather enough of these points, you can then redeem them as Steam Codes if you don’t want to withdraw as cash.

Some of these Apps that you can join to earn Steam Cash for free are:

  • Get Free Amazon Gift Cards
  • PrizeRebel
  • GrabPoints
  • Rakuten
  • eBonus.gg
  • GiftHulk                           


2. Save Up Your Trading Cards

Steam games give players free trading cards, Steam items, and cosmetics that can all be sold for money.

The money you can earn from your items on Steam can then be used to purchase new games straight from the Steam Store.

While many people are aware of the free money potential on Steam, most people are not making good use of it.

Like I said earlier, steam rewards you for playing games on the platform, so now, to earn enough money on Steam, you have to be saving your trading cards.

The trading cards usually only sell for a few pennies each, but you can usually get 1-3 cards per game, and sometimes you’ll get lucky and be given a card that’s worth a few dollars.

There’s no real way to get better chances at more valuable cards, but there are certain rules that you must follow to make sure you earn trading cards in the first place.

While playing games, you will get your first card after the first 15 minutes of gameplay.

 The second card will then drop after 2 hours of gameplay.

The best way to get cards is to not think about it. Enjoy playing the games you do have, and over time your trading card collection will go up.

Although the money you make from these sales cannot be withdrawn from the Steam Wallet, it can be used to buy games or other items from the Steam Market.

The process of making money here involves first saving the cards you earn and selling them later

3. Distribute Original Games On Steam Direct

This strategy is the most effective way to earn money on Steam; you will be paid from the revenue.

Through this method, you will get paid depending on the revenue from your game sales. It will include even the in-game purchases.

However, unlike selling items in the Steam Market, distribution of games on Steam Direct may require a bit of investment.

First, you will have to invest both your time and energy to develop the game before earning.

Secondly, you will have to invest some $100 to get your game added to Steam.

This, therefore, means that it will require more input to earn through Steam Direct than in Steam Market.

However, Steam Direct has the advantage of getting you more money and money that you can withdraw into your account, unlike Steam Market. Steam Direct, therefore, offers more potential for higher profits

4. Sell Your Cosmetic Crates

In some games, cosmetic crates can be dropped by purchasing them with in-game currency or playing the game. In some cases, these crates can be worth a lot of money.

The two most popular games that drop crates currently are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Player unknown’s Battlegrounds.

With Counter-Strike, you can get two crate drops per week just for playing the game. Level up by earning experience from playing any of the official game modes, and you’ll receive a drop.

Usually, drops from Counter-Strike only sell for a few cents. However, when a new crate is added to the game, they can sell for a few dollars for the first couple of weeks.

However, in dealing with cosmetic crates, it is advised that you shouldn’t develop the habit of buying and opening crates with your hard end steam money.

It makes far more sense to save up the money you make from crates. Eventually, you’ll have enough money to buy a cosmetic item, or you can even buy a new game entirely

5. Check Out For items in Your Favorite Games

It’s quite certain that Some games drop more than just trading cards. You can check out which games drop valuable items by visiting the Steam Market and using the “browse by game” section on the Steam browser’s right side.

You’d be surprised at how many items are for sale on this market. An interesting example would be the items in Golf With Your Friends.

A game that costs just $6 will drop items that can sell for up to $8. You have to be lucky to get these items, but they regularly drop while playing the game.

How To Add Money To Steam Wallet For Free

You can also add money to your steam wallet using gift codes

Follow this short step-by-step guide to add money to your steam wallet for free.

  • The first step is to launch the Steam app on your PC
  • On the right-hand corner of the screen, click your Steam profile username and then click on “Account details.”
  • Once you are in “Account details,” move your cursor over to “Store & Purchase History” just below the headline, click the button that says “Add funds to your Steam Wallet.”
  • Choose the number of funds you wish to add to your Steam Wallet.

Using a Steam gift card or wallet code

To add money to your wallet using a gift card or wallet code, follow the step below.

  • Purchase a Steam gift card or wallet code.
  • Launch Steam and scratch off your gift card to reveal the code number.
  • Head to “Account details” on Steam, then click “Add Funds to your Steam Wallet.”
  • Once you are on the Steam Wallet funds page, move your cursor to the right and click on “Redeem a Steam Gift Card or Wallet Code.
  • “Enter the number located on your gift card or wallet code and click “Continue” to verify that you are redeeming the code to add funds to your Steam wallet.


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